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Posted By: on: 11/08/2000 11:07:52 EST
Subject: RE: Looking for a future career in Gettysburg

Message Detail:
Hey all im 15 and im looking to do something that has something to do with Gettysburg when i get out of school (college probabley) any sugestions what i can do? Thanks in advance and im sorry for my spelling i broke my finger and cant type that well. :)

Finding a future in Gettysburg the possibilities are endless! the potential for finding a place can not emphasized enough to you you can expand your research capabilities by becoming a participant with the many book stores publishing outfits that are located in Gettysburg as a young lad you could pick up on the buy sale trade tricks of the Civil War books business you have many many book sales and fests happening around the area all the time researches writers scholars are always on the prowl for new stuff old stuff and tid -bits on the Civil War imagine being at the age you are and have developed a nose for where to find books on the various subjects surrounding the CW With this nose you become a runner go-for pointer resercher finder for these folks and find them sources along with your own sources and charge a finder's fee imagine getting paid for your running knowlege of book sources and your search for books capability

Anouther good future to look at is taking the computer and develop a data base for CW books a catalog posted to the web with this you create a web page that offers research find a book service to anyone who logs on to your web page looking for a book... you get paid for finding it plus you sell it..... turn yourself into a internet based web source for CW books

Anouther future is getting involved with public relations you get with the local tourist center as a greeter dressed up in a costume as Civil War Drummer boy or really young infantryman Also you work with local tour group specializing in giving walking tours to young tour grups they can relate to you because you are same age you develop a lesson plan on particular part of the Gettysburg battle the soldiers the commanders what the area was like back in the 1860s how the war was for a young man like you are ..back then you do reasearch on what life was like for a young 15 year old boy in the Union/Confederate Army you become part of the local tour center or tour company staff as a historian reenactor notes uniforms and all

The most important thing to remember is that what ever you choose to make as your possible future make sure that it relates to the Civil War the Battle of Gettysburg and that it MAKES YOU HAPPY job satisfaction is the key .....Look around and see what makes you the most interested and then find out about it and learn everything that you can about that what you choose to get into

God Bless the Union Navy God Bless all who tramp across these smoke filled camp forum grounds... Your fellow Civil War living military history buff Ironclad....... Post Yer Pickets!

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