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Posted By: on: 10/17/2000 23:12:30 EDT
Subject: RE: Crossed Telegraph wires with Addison(Sea Smells)Hart

Message Detail:
Hmmmm lesse ah be a standing here in this here wheat field looking about yep...yep theres little Round Top and then there is Devil's Den then ah walks long and see all kinds o' momuments statures then theres a stonewall... ..yep this here is ole Gettysburg Battlefield alrighty then ah realizes...... hey ! Henry an Elly done set-up me ..a Forum its called a" Ironclad Forum" complete with docking facilities a saloon or two a supply depot a dry dock facility... a unobtrusive brothel in the small town nearby... A mortor boat or two bout a dozen rams and gunboats and a Passiac Class Monitor stationed off shore from the river bank Yep, that be me forum! Hmmmm??? Ah asks meself this.. WHY would Addison leave a message wrapped about a cigar and drop it here on the Gettysburg Battlefield campground ..when if he needs to reach the ole rusty bucket... all he has to do is ..go to me Ironclad Forum and tack a message ..there !

Nothin against all these sweet and kindly folks here in the Gettysburg "encampment" ..but ye all is a bit too much landlocked and mud splatted fer the ole clad to deal with........ a clean river water mopped deck with fresh hand washed cotton uniform fer this ole river rat haaaaar!!!....Addison come down to the dock lad and come outta these smokey rubbish cluttered Gettysburg camp sites!!!....................

Hey! Clad!

I have been thinking that you should try again at the Blockades discussion. If you've not figured about any other way to do it, how about this? The Blockade Journal! It could be about the puttin' together of the Blockades, from the viewpoints of Gid Welles and Steve Mallory, though it won't be from diaries and ORs of course unless you can find all that info! Anyway, you could pinpoint the major stuff in the construction of the Blockade (i.e. the Norfolk Affair, the Creation of the Blockade, Ward's campaign to hold the Potomac from the Rebs) starting from April 19th onward. After every Welles entry, I can put in a Malloroy entry about the same event. You could be Gideon Welles and I could be Stephen Malloroy. How's that sound, Clad? Get back to me, Clad. We'll share a grog and talk it over.

Addison "Sea Smells" Hart

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