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Posted By: on: 09/20/2000 09:57:24 EDT
Subject: RE: The Soldiers...........

Message Detail:
I think those who have met me, will understand my following thoughts..........

For quite some time now, I have been reflecting on the averages soldiers (Both sides) conduct in battle. While Gettysburg is my favorite place, Antietam (The Cornfield Burnsides Bridge, Dunkers Church) has its special places, Shiloh would probably the "Hornets Nest", or if we go to Petersbug its the "Crater"... My point is this. How did these folks put up with all they did and yet perform their duty? How did they persevere? In addition to Gettysburg, how about the Cornfield at Antietam? HOw many times did that change hands? Or how many times did Burnsides troops cross over that bridge, before they took the heights beyond? IN addition to Stonewalls "Foot Calvary", how did the Sedgewicks 6th Corp before Gettysburg, march 32 miles in a little over 24 hours? And in some cases go right into the fight? I still cant come to grips with their perseverance, dedication, honor, courge especially in the face of withering rifle, double cannister......... Am I the only one who struggles sooo with this???? PLease let me know here!



This is the main reason I read history. My thoughts are how did they do that and could I. I read other accounts of other wars also. How did the French and Germans keep going at it at Verdun or the Russians and the Germans at Stalangrad. How did the Irish step over the dead to attack that wall at Fredicksburg, What kind of frenzzy took over at the Muleshoe. What level of horror would have broken these men if this did not? Its simply beond me but I still wounder. I have sort of the same fealing about the western movement, Louis and Clark, Jim Bridger,and the likes. Its a little bit different kind of wonder but not to much. Well just my thoughts.Old Juan

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