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Posted By: on: 09/13/2000 15:06:10 EDT
Subject: RE: Famous Graves

Message Detail:
For those who are interested in locating the gravesites of famous folks, including Civil War generals and others,
check out
You can search by name, location, claim to fame, birth date, etc. Many have photos of the graves. There's actually some interesting trivia here too....Did you know that Stonewall Jackson's body and his arm are buried in two different places?
Don't ask how I came by this one, it's a long story.

Bill N-T

I heard that one, too, and supposedly the arm gets quite a few visitors. I wonder if people leave lemons there? Which would you rather visit?

The arm has its own gravestone. There's an old picture of women mourners sitting around the stone... kinda weird. IIRC, the arm was buried on private property... don't know what it is today (I imagine some public entity owns it now).
I've heard strange things happen at Jackson's gravesite, when people touch the monument there...

The arm is buried in a family cemetery at Ellwood House, which was involved in both the Chancellorsville and Wilderness battles. If you're interested, I have photographs of the gravesite and monument on my Jackson page. The National Park Service now administers the site.

Bob K.

You've got an excellent page on Jackson. One question, - How did Robert Krick determine that that was the "exact" spot where Jackson was shot? There's not much of anything there to distinguish it from any other spot on the battlefield.
Bill N-T

Bill N-T,

Good question. I was told that Krick found the trace of the old mountain road that Jackson was on when he was shot. Using descriptions such as the following he was able to make a determination of (quoting the NPS) "the exact location":

From the NPS web site:

Private David Kyle served as Jackson's guide through the tangled woods. He described the path taken by their party:

"We went down that old Mountain road some four hundred yards when we came in hearing of the Federals....We stayed there I should judge from two to four minutes when the Gen Jackson Turned his horse around and started back up the road we had come down....When we were about halfway back...he turned his horse head toward the south and facing the front of our own line of Battle he started to leave the old Mountain road and just as his horse's front feet had cleared the edge of the road while his hind feet was still on the edge of the bank there was a single shot an instant it was taken up and...a volley as if from a regiment was fired."

Since the location selected by Krick was different from that used by Robertson in his Stonewall Jackson book,(he said in the book, that Jackson was shot at the southwest corner of the present visitor's center parking lot) I asked Robertson for his comments. He replied that since he had used Krick's input for his book, if Krick had refined the location, then Krick is more accurate.

The park service plans for a marker or something at that location in the future.

Perhaps this would be more appropriate on a Chancellorsville message forum...

Bob K.

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