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Posted By: on: 08/17/2000 14:30:10 EDT
Subject: WON OR LOST - 2 JULY 1863

Message Detail:
General Robert E. Lee's Pennsylvania Campaign of June and July 1863 would be won or lost depending on the Confederate Results of Battle - 2 July 1863.

- Had the initial reconnaissance of Captain Samuel Johnson been accurately reported. Had the routes been properly watched.

- Had Major Venable not stayed in the company of Richard Ewell as long as he had requiring a personal search by the Army Commander.

- Had Longstreet not had to wait for two of his three divisions to arrive on the field prior to his march and counter march.

There are hundreds of things going wrong for the Army of Northern Virginia on this day, but despite it all Longstreet's Flank Attack came just a breath away from being a success.

The Federal Army this day had taken up positions on the field it was probably deemed less than intelligent to do so. High ground very necessary to secure the flanks were left unmanned, until dangerously critical loss was imminent.

By the time Longstreet's attack had ground to a halt the night of July 2nd, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia had pounded the Army of the Potomac from a loose position along the slopes of Gettysburg and compacted it into an incredibly strong position of which they would not budge from come 3 July.

As the sun set over Gettysburg on 2 July 1863, the up and coming Pickett's Charge and the attacks and counter attacks at Culp's Hill and East Cavalry Field would simply be lost blood against on unbreakable position.

July 3rd would be a day of military glory, but gain nothing for the Southern Confederacy. It was all lost on 2 July.

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