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Posted By: on: 08/12/2000 19:44:16 EDT
Subject: Gettysburg Chat Board (the

Message Detail:
Many of us are former "regulars" at the "Gettysburg Chat Message Board" administered by Steve Garrity and hosted by Think Quest. Last month that board suddenly disappeared and Henry Drummond picked up the ball and renewed an earlier offer to set up a message board on his site on his own server...the result is this board.

I've been in touch with Steve Garrity to learn the fate of his board: First off, that board was a student project done by Steve and two others when thay were in their early teens, this fall they go off to college. Steve advised me that, as I suspected, Think Quest literly "pulled the plug" on the message board site without even bothering to give him and his team any advance warning. Presumably that move was part of a clean-up on ThinkQuest's part to clean up their servers to make room for new projects (go to to learn more about them).

Steve has been told that Think Quest might restore the board, but he hasn't heard anything more from them. Since he apparently leaves for school later this month, if he doesn't hear from them soon, nothing will happen.
Maintaining the board and the rest of the site took a certain amount of effort (as anyone who has a site of their own knows....and don't even ask Henry Drummond how much time his site takes - with message boards, chat rooms, his own server and all that, had to stick that in Henry, but I'm getting off the subject).

Anyway, I think we all have to admit that the world is an ever changing place and it would be unreasonable to expect the old chat board to continue indefinitely considering how it came about in the first place.
Let's be thankfull that we have people like Henry Drummond to step in and fill the void.

I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that this is an excellent reason for posting your email address when you post to boards like this and a good reason for using that medium (email) to correspond with fellow "chatters" and build friendships outside the Board. Were it not for the rather "fat" address books some of us have, how would we have spread the word about this board to all the former Gettysburg Chatters?

For some of us the old board has some special meaning, we "met" quite a few fellow Civil War/Gettysburg enthusiasts there and became friends, we broadened our own and helped others broaden their knowledge of the Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg, and some of us took up a challange and created a Gettysburg Website for the specific purpose of helping others learn (the Battle of Gettysburg Resource Center).

Once again, Thank You to Steve Garrity for his board, we're sorry to see it end Steve, but it was great while it lasted.

Finally, Thank You to Henry Drummond (and Elly) for providing this forum to keep the conversations going.

Bill N-T

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