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Posted By: on: 08/11/2000 00:10:06 EDT
Subject: RE: G.K. Warren

Message Detail:
Having followed the current thread on Warren,it will probably be another mystery as to the course of events involving the shot fired that finally alerted Warren to the danger on the union left. What there can be no doubt of is the actions taken by Warren to insure that the round tops and the left flank of the AOP would be held. Without Warren's action in getting troops to LRT to stop Hood,July 2nd at Gettysburg may have gone done as a great confederate victory. Regardless of who ordered the shot fired,Warren will always be remembered(and rightly so) as the savior of Little Round Top.

Amen, Gunny... once he saw the danger, however he saw it, he hustled tail to get LRT covered. He helped drag a couple of Hazlett's guns up the hill, and even got wounded for it. At that point in time, no one else was going to do the work of getting troops there or as quickly.

Hi Guys,

I agree with both of you, and thats why I find him such an inspiration. He SAW THE NEED and jumped all over it.. And when his aids didnt respond as quick as I think he thought they should , he took full responsibility found the 140th ny reg, brought them up the hll and through them into line, then grabs Hazlets battery and EVEN takes off his coat and throws his back into muscling a battery up the hill.... I cant imagine a Hancock, Meade, GRANT, or even any other Union officer doing that! He trully was a soldiers soldier! No wonder his peers raised the money for the statue! Thats what they thought of him... That speaks volumes to me of his overall character, and heart of the man........ Despite what happened in the future at Gettysburg he full filled his life long ambition to be the Soldiers soldier!

Jim :-)

PS Thanks guys!!!!


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