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Posted By: on: 08/09/2000 09:22:01 EDT
Subject: RE: GK Warren, LRT and hello Houston we have a problem!

Message Detail:
Hi folks,

While I continue to gather my information on Warren, I have realized that I have a problem with GK's rendering of the facts surrounding his gallop, reconitor of the situation on LRT. If you all recall, so the story goes is that he asked Smiths Battery to fire a round into the woods on Seminary Ridge. THe problem I have is which battery did he ask to fire the round? If I recall correctly Smith had his guns in to locations. On top of Devils Den and down in the field of the Valley of Death about 200 yards or more in front of LRT... Now keep in mind even if one of his aids galloped down the hill and approached even the battery in front of LRT we are talking several minutes.. And if its was on top of Devils Den, well we all know how FAR thats from LRT. Soooo we do have a problem with the story as I see it! Can anyone shed any additional light on this situation? Am I missing something here? Do I have Smiths batterys in the 'Wrong place' (Its possible!)

So have at folks!

Jim :-)

Good point Jim. Not sure of the timing but it seems it would have been too early for Hazlett's battery to fire the shot that detected the ANV moving around the AOP left. A courier sent by Warren could have went to Smiths battery in Devils Den and had them fire the shot,but it seems to me that by the time this happened the battle was well under way and Smith would have had his hands full with Hood's men. Do you know if Hood had started his attack before Warren had the shot fired? If Warren arrived on LRT before the action started it's possible that Smith's battery could be the one that Warren wrote about. Interesting story.

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