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Posted By: on: 08/08/2000 08:28:27 EDT
Subject: RE: Pfanz & Martin

Message Detail:
Hey JD, Charlie, Gunnrunner, et al...Gosh I'm having a hard time reading Pfanz ...the second day has taken about a week and Meade & Co. just woke up!...Is it just me or did others have a hard time? It seems every paragraph I have to refer to one of (my own) maps...Coddington was a Dr. Seuse compared to this...yikes! AAROGON

Having only read Pfanz, day-1 I can only comment on that. For years I heard what a great authority he was and his books were the bible on Gettysburg. What depressed me was his use of must have,could have ,should have probably and most likely. Day-1 is his version, regardless of what the particapants wrote. Hence the reason I haven't read day-2

Yeah, I found Day 2 very hard going as well. Had to keep referring to Coddington and various maps as I went along to get myself back on track. A lot of good information there, but best read and analysed a bit at a time. Still tryin to psyche myself up to tackle Day1:-)



Yessiree, they are doozies! The footnotes alone will spin the eyes! I found Pfanz to be rather hard on the commanders, and I found the same as y'all... it helped to refer to my own maps and keep in my head other sources that I've read. Regardless of what I read, though, I still don't understand the actions on Culp's Hill!! :-) Fortunately, we have a tour for that scheduled for the Muster!

J.D. Is there room for a short talk or tour of Stones brigade (and my beloved 143PA) at the fall muster? I cant help but plug my favorite regiment. Gunrunner

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know, Pfanz hasn't written a book on Day 1 (yet), were you referring to Martin's Day 1? Frankly I found Martin's Day 1, and both of Pfanz's books - Day 2 and Culps Hill- Cemetery Hill to be pretty slow reading. Coddington I found to be actually enjoyable, Foote's Star's in their Courses was so easy to read it was almost like a novel, Same with Stewart's Pickett's Charge.
Bill N-T

I hadn't caught that... I guess he did mean Martin's July 1. Gunrunner, we should be able to find time for it... could you lead it? I can fit it in on Friday or Sunday... let me know! Thanks!

Hi guys,

Boy is pFanz a tough read! Actually I found Glenn Tucker a better read even then Coddington. But I along with most of you that Coddingon is probably the best on GB..
I did like Stars in their course, leaving out the repeating carbine issue of course :-)

So its a consesus at least here that PFanz and Martin are tough reads..


Don't get me wrong, they're both excellent studies of the battle, it's just that there's SOOOO much detail that I know I found myself a bit overwhelmed, even somewhat lost at times.

Bill N-T

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