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Posted By: on: 08/07/2000 21:10:17 EDT
Subject: RE: Gettysburg..The Movie Part II

Message Detail:
The Movie- Gettysburg made by Ted Turner for TNT was at best a medium sucess it did however.. renew an interest in not only just the battle itself..but the overall Civil War! One of my of pards who keeps me on even keel.... NewYawk pointed out in his response that if it had not been for the movie more people might not have even cared for or looked up the battle and all that happened there at Gettysburg! Good point !..Further NewYawk himself was moved by the more emotional moments that transpired in this hard to film battle...The sad outlook on things on the part of Longstreet as he gathers his troops prior to the charge against the wall, Chamberlain giving a speech to malcontents ...the showing of dead and wounded strewn all over the cornfield after Pickets' Charge.....

I have to admit to all that I am guilty of being "flippant" and should learn to look at all the angles that this movie was made from of what an effect this movie had on the Civil War research and study field and on peoples outlook, on their personal feelings, about the battle of Gettysburg...............

Hey the way I need to look at it Ted Turner and his folks tried.. they did what they thought was their best
and I should step back with my smart alec mouth and at least give them that much for what they did ..the Ironclad, I will admit again, has not made any effort to do something to contribute to the public knowledge of the Gettysburg Battle...who am I to stick my paddle in the water?

I wanna thank NewYawk Old Juan Elly Bill N-T Vickie for making the old Ironclad open up the gunport and step back from the gangplank and look at the whole picture.

The Gettysburg movie was an combined effort by many concerned parties at telling a story out of many stories about the Gettysburg Battle....

It was an updated interpretation of an event in our nation's history.....

It was a view of the battle from a perspective that was radical and not much touched on..primarly from the southern side..

As long as there are folks like all we have come and sit on the logs round the campfire here in Henry and Elly's campsite... we can only learn more from each other and gain more on how to futher the preservation of the Civil War.... not only for our selves but for the generations after us that is the least we can do for the past present and future of our nation

God Bless the Gettysburg Forum and all who write here

Ironclad. Run that contraption ashore and join us land jockeys for a visit. I promise a jug of of Uncle Ed's best cider and hot conversation. Plus a good cigar to help pass the time. Gunrunner

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