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Posted By: on: 08/06/2000 22:09:30 EDT
Subject: RE: Gettysburg...The Movie

Message Detail:
Perhaps the most puzzling thing to raise eyebrows on the foreheads of most afficianados of the Gettysburg "three day muzzleloader's blackpowder fest" was.... The Ted Turner's TNT production of The Gettysburg Battle As most of you remember we spent a great deal of time watching to see which one of the actors in this passable fiasco's beard was the most glued-on ...We were still trying to figure out how Robert E.Lee came up with such a wavey thicket of lush brushed wigged on hair!! The uniforms actually fit most of the guys even if they are 20th century sized(pot belly syndrome) the nicer and more rank one has the more waist line seems to creep out from undah the wool vest(buttons popping)..Remember in the real conflict 99.9% of your ground forces spent the better part of their days tramping about the country side..hence when you puruse the real soldier's photos you tend to notice that the vast majority of Civil War infantry soldiers tend to have the"haggard and starved look"..if you spent up to three years marching and fighting with about 50 to 70 pounds of leather and wood and tin equipment and dealing with sparse rations..your gonna get a wee-bit thin! ...Speaking of sparse most scenes in this movie tended to have rather empty and thinned out backdrops you might see mebbe a couple of soldiers running here and there and the air was so pristine and clear ..what? we have "smokeless" powder in use by then?? The movie also left out a rather unusual number of folks that I will list in the next installment of my review of the Gettysburg Movie...I am amazed that so much effort was put into producing so restrained and toned down a production as this movie turned out to be much to come up with so little.

Keep your Telegraph lines open as the "old salted sage" will return with the second installment of Gettysburg ..The Movie or "How I learned to enjoy using a porta-potty while wearing full sweaty hot wool infantry gear and gits paid fer it."

Quite right. I don't think the caloric intake of Oat's Alabaman's was not that high. Some of them rebs had been hunkerin down to the trough. :Old Juan

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