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Posted By: on: 07/19/2000 23:12:02 EDT
Subject: RE: Frassanito's reply to Groves

Message Detail:
Just wanted to let everyone know that a fellow from the MHO Chat Board is sending me a copy of William Frassanito's rebuttal to Jim Groves' theory on the Devil's Den Sharpshooter photo. He sent it to me today. I'll be emailing it to Bill N-T once I get it, and maybe we can create a page on it on the Resource Center (Bill, if we're running out of room, maybe we could dump the Vandalism stuff, or whatever). If anyone would like an advance copy of it, please email me and I'll send a scan of it to you.

JD- Please send me an advance copy! I'd LOVE to hear what Frassanito has to say on that subject!


As I said before, I'm drooling all over my keyboard waiting to see what Frassanito has to say. I've been thinking about adding a page to the Resource Center about the Sharpshooter, I'm just not sure how to present it. Although I agree with Groves, I also feel that the whole issue will probably never be proven one way or another and maybe Mr. Frassanito is right after all. I just don't agree with the way he comes to his conclusion. Anyway, I'm leaning toward presenting both theories.
As far as space on the website, right now we're using about 8mb out of a total allocated of 15 mb.
While I'm on the subject of the resource center, how do you feel about abandoning the version, I find it unacceptably slow, and I haven't figured out how to delete files from their server. I find the geocities site responds much much faster. ALSO, I have a site for my civic association on Geocities with quite a bit of unused space, maybe I could use that site to store some of the pages for the resource center.
JD, how about a photo of Col. Devin for the resource center?


Great, Bill, I'll email you a pic tonite! For the SS, I think an even-handed "leave it up to the reader" presentation of both theories would work well. Perhaps a description of Gardner's taking of the photo, Frassanito's theory that came out, subsequent acceptance of it, NPS placard at the site, etc, and then Groves' theory. If you need any help let me know.

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