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Posted By: on: 07/31/2000 13:19:55 EDT
Subject: RE: Gettysburg on DVD already a big seller

Message Detail:
Recently I signed up with Amazon to be notified when Gettysburg was available on DVD. This morning I received an email from Amazon advicing that it was available for pre-order. Checking their website I see that the release date is December 5, 2000 - just in time for Christmas. Needless to say, I've reserved mmy copy.

Bill N-T

Thanks Bill for the release date! I can't wait to see if any extra footage has been added to a special features section like so many other DVD releases.

Apparently, there is some extra footage like the theatrical trailers, interviews with actors, etc. Don't know yet at this point if it is the same/similar to everything that's in the Collector's Edition Set (Director's Cut) but this is wonderful news! As soon as I get mine, I will be turning off the phone, firing up the 55" big screen, and settling back for several wonderful hours!

I don't know if this version is the so-called "director's cut" or not, but according to a post at the Gettysburg Discussion Group it will have the following features:
Widescreen 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio
English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
English and French Subtitles
Behind-the-Scenes Documentary
Audio Commentary
Cast/Crew Interviews
Cast/Crew Filmographies
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spots

HMMMM, French subtitles?

BTW, JD, about that 55" TV of your's, start saving your pennies, I was at an electronics store the other day and saw some Digital TV's and HDTV's that literlly blow away everything else on the market - still too pricey for me though.

Bill N-T

According to the Internet Movie Data Base website (, as of noon today (7/31) the Gettysburg DVD is the no. 5 seller in current sales at - this for a DVD that isn't even out yet!
Current Top 5 sellers are:
1-Braveheart, 2-American Beauty, 3-Terminator 2, 4-The Princess Bride, 5-Gettysburg.
Not bad Huh?
Bill N-T

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