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Posted By: on: 10/16/2000 02:00:39 EDT
Subject: scrape dat dried horse poop off of dem brogans!

Message Detail:
Haaaar ! avast ye(Sharps) carbine carryin 1854 model sabre swingin cavalier's boot wearin busted bronc riding chaw chewin shell jacketed pooper troopers! As the thunder o' a well organized cav charge bearin down on this here battery that me navy picket boat raiders a be trying to man handle backs ta the river banks..... the thought occurred ta me thet perhaps its time to comtemplate the wonders o' them saddle borne Cavalrymen who were the bane o' the mighty Union Army's supply trains an depots..... Lord knows ah has me hands full with ole pea-picker hisself KyReb an his band o' Kantuck mounted butternut clad ruffians with their a cuttin of me telegraph lines raiding o'me garrisons roustin of me supply wagons arrrr! Welcome Eric to blacksmith's cussin oily saddles worn saddle blankets splattered mud on wool overcoats ridin gloves frosty breath from horse an rider on a early Winters day somewhere in the Virginia countryside guidon flappin in the wind rain soaked slouch hats a camp fire roastin yer crushed coffee beans in a rusty pot whilst the boys pass the chaw and sharpen them Cavalry sword blades...ahhh.......The Cavalryman's lot wild reckless colorful ...Welcome Eric to the "mounted" Civil War and with a tip o' me captain's hat I wish ye the best cause the Cavalry Forum........ has long been overdue
I be a looking forward to yer postings here and think that those who"carry" the Civil War to the enemy's picket lines...will be posting some mighty interesting(horse S--T!) stories here !
A forum dedicated to the Cavalry is gonna be really exciting for all concerned.......... 'specially those who keeps getting raided! ..haaaaar

From the Hurricane deck Yer Local (Union)gunboat commander... "ole swampy" hisself your Faithful and Obedient Servant.......... Ironclad

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