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Posted By: on: 01/12/2001 16:31:25 EST
Subject: Horse mounted gear ( 1) Pack Saddle 2) Mountain Howitzer mount 3) Signal Spool

Message Detail:
Eric ..wake up ! (kickin aside empty wine bottles in tent) Eric git yer Cav britches on sonny got a mission fer ye..
Looky here ah needs you to help me out ..yeah I know the mighty pompous cantankerous steam spittin ole saltly dawg Ironclad needs help from a saber wavin deer fly nag trooper..hee hee just a kiddin.......
What I need to git me paws on is a picture or sketch of a Cavalry Pack Saddle used during the Civil War Pack Saddles were used to transport supplies the Pack Saddles were used both on horse and mules................

I need to obtain a drawing print or pic of a spool that was mounted on the back of a horse this spool was used by Signal Corps to lay wire the spool was mounted on a harness strapped onto the horse's back with this set up Signal Corps could go where the wagons cound'nt As you know Signal Corps also carried extra spools on pack horses..pack saddles The spool configuration is very unique and little dipicted I read up on this in The Signal Corps in the Civil War Publication also reports on use of this spool have popped up here and there I am interested in that harness is it a modification of a Pack Saddle ? Was this a harness specifically made to mount the spool ?..lemme know what you got stashed away in yer notes !

I need to git me hands on pics sketches prints of the mountain howitzer harness used by artillery to transport a mountain gun via horse The gun broke down into two parts the barrell was mounted on the back of one horse the gun wheels mounted on a second horse additional equipment was carried by additional pack horses or pack mules The same mountain gun or Howitzer is one and the same used on the decks of ironclads ,gunboats during action to ward off boarders. What I need is the set-up of the harness used to transport that gun and all component parts of the Civil War period 1861-1865
I keep finding pics of the pack horse and gun mount harness but from around the 1870s 1880s and World War I era............ Did the harness design remain the same from the Civil War era ? I would think that the harness changed little except with some minor modification......Thanky fer yer assistance don't be a stranger see ya on deck(with that there Jug) Post yer Pickets !!!

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