Nathan Bedford Forrest

Name: Nathan Bedford Forrest
State Served: Tennessee
Highest Rank: Lieut-Gen
Birth Date: 1821
Death Date: 1877
Birth Place: Bedford County, Tennessee
Army:      Confederacy
Promotions: Promoted to Full Captain (TN Cav (est day))
Promoted to Full Lt Colonel ((est day))
Promoted to Full Colonel (3rd TN Inf (est date))
Promoted to Full Brig-Gen
Promoted to Full Major-Gen
Promoted to Full Lt General


Captain, Company Tennessee Cavalry, May, 1861.

Lieutenant colonel and colonel, Third Regiment Tennessee
Cavalry (known as Forrest's Regiment), 1861-62.

Brigadier general, P. A. C. S., July 21, 1862.

Major general, P. A. C. S., December 4, 1863.

Lieutenant general, P. A. C. S., February 28, 1865.

Died in Memphis, Tenn., October 29, 1877.


Brigade composed of the Fourth, Eighth and Ninth Tennessee Regiments Cavalry, Russell's Fourth Alabama Cavalry and Freeman's Battery of Artillery.

Assigned to the command of all the cavalry in West Tennessee and North Mississippi, consisting of his own brigade
and the brigades of Chalmers, McCulloch, Richardson, Bell, Jeffrey, Forrest and subsequently Lyon's Brigade, the whole organized into two divisions, commanded by Chalmers and Buford, respectively.

As lieutenant general commanding the cavalry divisions of Chalmers, Jackson and Buford, McCulloch's Regiment, Second Missouri Cavalry, and the Mississippi Militia Forces. Commanding District of Mississippi and East Louisiana, January, 1865.

Source: General Officers of the Confederate States of America