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Charles W. Gerlach

9th Ky Regt US Vol Infantry Co B

Dr. Janke's Civil War Page

Gettysburg: The Turning Point

Civil War Fife And Drum Page

The Jones Family Genealogy

7th. Union Virginia Volunteer Infantry

Battle of Gettysburg Resource Center

Bob Koch's Civil War Site

The Battle of Gettysburg - A Photographic Guide

The 20th. Connecticut Volunteer Infantry

The 26th. Wiconsin Infantry

Civil War For Kids, By Kids

Civil War Diaries - by an 8th. grade class

Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad - by a 2nd. grade class

The 42nd. Georgia Volunteer Infantry

The 125th. Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Mike's Civil War Home Page

The Civil War At Gettysburg

The Drill Sergeants Place

The Chickamauga Event Site

The 4th. Artillery Brass Band

General A.P. Hill Site

Rocky Mountain Civil War Roundtable

110th. Regiment PA Vol. Inf.

A Great Site For Scots That Fought In The Civil War

3rd. Iowa Cavalry

PoPcOrN's CW Site

David's Civil War Site

117th. N.Y. Voluteer Infantry

First Division ANV - Bonnie Blue Site

First New Jersey Light Artillery

155th. AHC Home Page

29th. Missouri - 40 Rounds

Blue Ridge Living History Society

Civil War Artillery - The Projectiles

Reenacting The Civil War Era

Battle of Wilson's Creek (or Oak Hills)

The 7th. Ohio Volunteer Infantry

The American Civil War Website

The Sixth Pennsylvania Calvary - "Rush's Lancers"

The Civil War Home Page

Civil War Interactive

9th Regiment North Carolina State Troops / 1st Cavalry Regiment - Company G

162nd New York Volunteer Infantry / 3rd Regiment, Metropolitan Guard

The Civil War Lady

1st Texas Cavalry Regiment CSA

Jackson's Light Artillery

9th Virginia Regiment of Cavalry

General Civil War Site

104th PA Volunteer Infantry

Winfield Scott Hancock

Our Hearts Were Touched With Fire

The Battle Of Wilson's Creek

Framing Fox Art Gallery

1st Virginia Infantry - Company H

79th Highlander - New York Volunteers

Civil War Information Site

Capt William McKinney Irion - Camp #1799

Diary of Elias D. Moore - 114th O.V.I Co. A

The Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley

3rd Regiment Company E - Confederate Engineers

Grimes Artillery Battery CSA

New York State and the Civil War

Major General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

The Fighting Men From New Jersey

Jews in the Civil War

The American Fight For Glory Historical Association

98th Regiment PA Volunteers


75th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Missouri State Guard - Company B

Pamplin Park

Ga Rebel's Tribute to the American Civil War