Eggs may be roasted by standing them on end in hot ashes. They may be boiled hard to carry in the pockets on forced marches.
Now after this gourmet repast, you may feel the need for something to wash it all down with. Keep this trick in mind: If you have any tea left, do not throw it away. Fill your canteens with it. It is infinitely more refreshing than almost any other drink upon a hot, weary march. If, instead of filling your canteen with fresh water, you would boil it in the morning, before starting, with enough tea to flavor it and keeping it from becoming insipid when warmed by the sun, it would be a thousand times more healthy, and the best prevention of dysentery. Water which has been boiled is freed from the bad effects it frequently has. The southern people boil their lemonade, and then allow it to cool before using it. Learn from your enemies how to protect yourselves in their climate.