MoOAK - Coy - the good guys won that one.
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Crazybet - Vickie and MoOAK are you reading new works?
Coy - oh.
Crazybet - Hello Josephine.
Josephine! - Hi Coy, Crazybet, MoOak and Vickie.
MoOAK - I will be away from the screen for a while.
Vickie - Iv started reading "The Iron Brigade"
Crazybet - These things happen to me to here, MoOAK.
Vickie - not a new book
Vickie - hi Josephine
Coy - MoOak, Rosy? of course he did.:)
Crazybet - Is Nolan the author, Vickie?
Coy - Hi Josephine
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Vickie - hi zolli
Coy - I think I need to start concentrating more on the east.....<sigh> I can't make it to any of the west Battlefields.
Vickie - Coy, yes Nolan
Josephine! - I'm reading Lee's Tarnished Lieutenant : James Longstreet. For the civil war book club I belong to. Actually, I havn't started it.
Coy - Heya Zolli
Josephine! - Hi Zolli
Vickie - this book was published in 1961,have to be kinda careful with it its sen its better days
Josephine! - But I have good intentions of starting it.
Crazybet - Hello Zolli. No to Chick/Chatt then for you Coy?
Coy - doesn't look promising.
Crazybet - My favorite CW title, Josephine, 'Education in violence, George H. Thomas and the history of the Army of the Cumberland' was also written in 1961. Must have been a very good year.
Zolli - Hello all. Vickie, is it an original edition?
Josephine! - I think I've read that book Vickie, is that the one with major Dawes recounting his time with the Brigade?
Crazybet - I'll keep my fingers crossed for luck that you can come, Coy!
Vickie - Zolli, i think it is, the book is very old and yellowed and worn
Crazybet - Oops, my comment about 1961 titles should have been addressed to Vickie.
Vickie - the librarian said there have been 2 publishings and this is the old one
Zolli - It was published in 1961, so it sounds like you've got a valuable one - even if it is worn a bit.
MoOAK - Hi Josephine - Hi Zolli
Coy - me too!
Zolli - Hello, MoOAK.
MoOAK - Zolli - I havent seen you previous - you a new comer?
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Crazybet - Hello sdw
Josephine! - MoOak, was there ever a purge of Confederate sympathizers in Kansas City? I know New Orlearns had one and they forced alot of people out of thier homes and out of the city. Did anything like that occur in Kansas?
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