Posted 7-19-01
Contrabands Comments On The Yankees

While Burnside's soldiers were causing the Rebels to retreat from New Bern, North Carolina in mid March 1862, during the chase they had come across alot of different sights that maybe alot of the soldiers did not expect to see. On this follow up march, members of the 51st Pennsylvania Infantry had come across some black contrabands. One soldier had asked of a black woman down there; What she had thought of the Yankees? She responded to them in the following:
"Why, I find that they look like our people, and I said so yesterday when I saw you pass our house, for my master had always told us that the Yankees were great big people, as tall as the pine trees there, with one eye in the center of their foreheads and one in the back of their heads, and if they got a hold of a 'black', they just munch them up with their great big teeth, and that would be the last of their kind. Why, my master said that your teeth were as long as their arms, and with one crunch would bite a horse in two, and a heap of other things, he told us about you, but I guess he only told us that to try to frighten us so that we wouldn't run away from him and come to you folks."

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