Chat Room Rules!

Users Violating any of the following rules will be banned!

1. Foul language of any type including trying to bypass the censor by substituting letters

2. Harasing, heckling or playing stupid pranks on other users

3. Bothering another user in any way or form! We try to keep an amicable and congenial environment here. If you are looking for a cyber partner, try finding a sex chat room elsewhere on the Internet, this is not the place!

4. Using another persons name also called impersonating or "Imping"

5. Interrupting or adding stupid comments or being out right rude when a guest host is running a discussion. 
Remember! This is the same as going to a lecture and interrupting the guest speaker!

6. Threats of any kind to any user!

Final Note: This chat room runs on my personal server. By entering this chat room you are a guest, the same as if you came to my home and was sitting in a group. You are a guest here so please act accordingly. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: This chat is logged and all IP numbers are recorded, any infractions of the chat rules can result in the user being permanently banned from the chat room or their ISP contacted for further reprimand.