The Pennsylvania State Memorial is one of the most costly of all Gettysburg monuments. It is a glorious work of art featuring a massive dome, stately columns, and arched entryways framed by flowing female figures bearing trumpets and victor's wreaths.

Sculpted in stunning detail above the four archways are four battle scenes, each commemorating one branch of service: cavalry, infantry, signal corps, and artillery. The figures posted outside of each archway are those of army commander George Gordon Meade; 1st Corps commander John Reynolds; 2nd Corps commander Winfield Scott Hancock; 3rd Corps commander major-general David Birney; cavalry commander Alfred Pleasonton; cavalry commander David Gregg; Pennsylvania's war-governor Andrew Curtin; and President Abraham Lincoln. The names carved below these figures ore those of the 34 general officers from Pennsylvania. On the 90 tablets around the parapet and on the inner walls of the arches, the state has earnestly attempted to name every Pennsylvanian who fought at Gettysburg.

High atop the massive dome, perched on a small globe is "Goddess of Victory and Peace." She holds above her head, in her right hand, a sword. By her side, in her left hand, is a palm leaf, a traditional symbol of peace.