The focal point of this massive memorial is the intriguing likeness of General Lee mounted upon Traveller, the horse that faithfully carried Lee through most of the war. Located on the spot where the general observed the actual battle, Lee sits tall in the saddle, peering out once again across the field of battle. The sculptor went to great lengths to accurately portray both Lee and his horse. He used photographs and a life mask of the general and even went so far as to study the skeleton of Lee's horse before beginning this magnificent likeness of General Robert E. Lee.
Depicted in rich detail, the seven soldiers on the base of this monument reveal - by age and assignment - the broad cross-section of those who fought in the battle of Gettysburg. From left to right they represent a professional man, a mechanic, an artist, a boy, a businessman, a farmer and a youth. On their faces are expressions of war's horror; at their feet, a poignant accumulation of war's ruins.